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What parts need to be checked after installing a negative pressure fan?

Update Time :2017-10-09The view :1042

First unpacking check the negative pressure fan parts in the transport has been deformed or damaged, if this situation should be corrected before the installation can be used.

1, open the junction box, turn on the power supply operation (no load), the direction of rotation of the impeller and the same nameplate arrow, negative pressure fan housing to be grounded and observe whether the shell, if this situation should be adjusted immediately.

2, negative pressure fan wiring flange should be connected to the canvas or other soft to take over, in order to facilitate the FRP fan and pipe vibration isolation, FRP fan should not love the weight of the external duct, roof-type FRP fan and the base connection and split hood Install the connection should be added vibration pad, and add a sealant to avoid air leakage.

3, negative pressure fan installed in place, all fasteners must be re-tightened once.

4, to be clear negative pressure fan inlet and outlet pipes and all nearby obstacles can be put into use after the official.