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Whirlpool fan how to use when the conservation

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High-pressure whirlpool fan as a daily production and life commonly used in a device, then the pump routine maintenance work can not be ignored. If only do not pay attention to maintenance, then it may cause the machine to shorten the service life, and even more likely to affect the smooth progress of other work, so Xiaobian today to share with you about the whirlpool pump maintenance matters, only familiar with these, To make the pump better for us to work.

     Maintenance of proper maintenance is the whirlpool fan life long premise

     First, before using the whirlpool pump, make sure to place it on a smooth ground, and make sure that the surrounding environment is clean and dry and ventilated because the air pump is in the process of working, the motor will send a lot of heat, if not placed in Dry and not ventilated environment, easy to damage the air pump motor, because the temperature will gradually increase; Secondly, in the whirlpool pump work process, to ensure that the working pressure shall not be greater than the fan rated parameters, because too high pressure may make the motor High load operation, the huge heat generated by the pump and the motor too high current, may lead to damage to the pump. Third, because the use of air pump material is mainly aluminum, but small parts are made of iron, so prohibit the operation of the process, to prohibit the solid, liquid, gas and other corrosive substances into the pump, which will cause the whirlpool pump Major parts are damaged.

     Then the last, that is, do not use the whirlpool pump, it should be placed in a dry environment, so as to prevent the internal parts of the rust, while the regular maintenance of its timely replacement of which parts are not suitable, So that the machine can better serve the enterprise, only the conservation of good, in order to ensure its efficiency and quality, but also for the production of enterprises to save a lot of capital costs.

     Also in the purchase of high-pressure fan, do not be confused by low-cost fans, many small domestic manufacturers, in order to obtain more benefits in the production process using some poor raw materials and so good, so easy to make the machine Serious quality problems, so in the purchase process must be compared between the products, find inexpensive products.