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Vortex blower application of the four major aspects

Update Time :2017-10-03The view :925

First; factory direct vortex blower, fan motor direct impeller and are high speed, the bearing needs to add butter regularly maintenance, to prevent damage (including impeller bearings).

Second, the motor shaft power and pressure is proportional to the long-term limit pressure to prevent shaft power increases, the motor load is too heavy, often use the relief valve, it is a discharge valve, when the pressure of the use of high pressure fan After the pressure set by the relief valve, the relief valve will automatically open, the excess pressure released, thus protecting the high-pressure fan motor.

Third; whirlpool blower internal institutions are relatively close, impeller and chassis clearance is very small, so to filter debris and dust. Usually in the air inlet with a fine filter / filter. It is based on different use of the site, often using different filter filters

Fourth, in some special occasions, also need to carry out special protection: For example, in the use of sealed environment, pay attention to ventilation and heat; when the ambient temperature (intake air temperature is relatively high), but also pay attention to ventilation and cooling, or select Allows the whirlpool blower with higher inlet air temperature.