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Medium pressure fan experienced an extraordinary development process

Update Time :2017-10-08The view :964

Over the past year, China's fan industry has undergone an extraordinary development process. In the face of international and domestic economic situation, the development of the industry has been challenged. Facts show that the opportunities we face are no longer a traditional opportunity to simply integrate into the global division of labor system, expand exports and speed up investment, but how to grasp and adapt to independent innovation, economic development and other new historical opportunities.

China's fan industry has great potential for development, enterprises in the production and product design technology level of continuous progress in recent years, further step into the automation to increase efficiency and competitiveness, but in the face of opportunities also accompanied by great challenges, and now infrastructure, Factories and mines, residential and other fields to the fan industry to put forward higher requirements, such as large infrastructure projects now less domestic equipment with fans.

Although China's fan industry to the rapid pace of development, showing a rapid growth trend, but there are also some unavoidable problems,

At present, China's fan industry's problems mainly in the following three aspects:

1、uneven industrial structure,

2、the lack of core competitiveness,

3、improper competition within the industry.

China's economy is now in the process of transition, the new technology has not yet found the outbreak point, in this trend of the fan industry is facing industry rebalancing and structural transformation of the pressure. Faced with this situation, China's fan industry should be calm, calm, and actively respond to the maximum to meet the needs of the industry, so that the future development of the domestic fan industry better