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HG011-18AD2 air blower
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  • HG011-18AD2 air blower
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  • 180w/220v(single phase)
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  • Designed for expanded flow and pressure, regenerative blowers are the ideal solution for moving large volumes of air at lower pressure or vacuum. Also called side channel blower or ring compressors, terms that refer more to their physical construction. These oilless, low noise level, free maintenance, high stability and long life air blowers are suitable for heavy industrial applications Aluminum alloy impeller, mounting base, and housing, blowers are equipped with continuous duty electric motors with dual frequency, IP54 (insulation class F) can be used in the USA, Europe and South America. Uses: Pneumatic air tube conveying systems, vacuum cleaning systems, vacuum lifting, vacuum hold down, vacuum transport, bottle filling stations, printing presses, screen printing, air cushion tables, drying systems, weld fume extraction, textile machinery, dental equipment, waste and water fish pond aeration, aquarium aeration, aeration plating tanks, and air knife systems.
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